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Hair Drug Test | Pass Hair Drug Test

Hair drug test or Hair analysis not only detects if drugs of abuse have been used, it also provides information on the quantity and historic pattern of a person's drug use.'s successful product range make you pass hair drug test.

This data is not available from any other hair drug testing procedure. Trace amounts of drug metabolites become entrapped in the core of the hair as it grows out from the body at a rate of approximately one-half inch per month. A lab analysis of the hair strand from any person will produce an accurate drug history for that person. To pass hair drug test it takes about 5 days for drugs to begin to appear in an individual's hair and will continue to be detectable in new hair for about 90 days.

The Laboratory will usually test (Hair drug test ) for the five most abused illicit drugs and drug catagories:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidines (PCP)

A standard screen with GC/MS confirmation requires at least 40 milligrams of hair or approximately 50-70 strands.

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ALOE RID GENTLE CLARIFYING SHAMPOO delicately removes residual buildup, chlorine, environmental pollutants, hard water minerals and hair dulling impurities for refreshingly clean, healthy looking hair. Time released Antioxidants effectively quench damaging free radicals that are deposited by harsh chemicals. This gentle, Aloe Vera based formula conditions both hair and scalp.

Hair Purifying Shampoo is designed for extremely swift yet elegant removal of all toxin residues. Within 10 minutes, you will be in the "Clean Zone" for up to 8 hours. It is safe for the scalp and all hair types. It does not effect color or specific gravity. Works as a "body wash" for body hair in addition to scalp. Drug testing via hair follicle sample has grown into a very popular method to detect drug use without invading ones so-called privacy compared to a urinalysis or a blood test.
Nexxus Aloe Rid cleans the oils from the scalp, where toxins are found. Use as your everyday shampoo in addition to Ultra Cleanse Shampoo. Use the product in the days leading up to your test. Deep cleaning formula delicately removes residual buildup, environmental pollutants, chemicals, chlorine, hard water minerals, and hair dulling impurities. Five ounces of gentle clarifying shampoo. Advanced microsphere technology provides the gradual release.
HairConfirm is the perfect drug testing solution for parents gives you the peace of mind that you can monitor your teen for possible use with one simple test every 3 months. The kit comes complete with sample collection and overnight shipping materials, to provide you with the fastest turnaround time in Hair Testing. Results are available in just 3-5 business days!
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