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The Ultra Klean Detox Drink is a detoxifying product that holds the toxins in your body allowing you to pass a urine drug test. Many toxins are stored in the fat cells of the body and are released when fat cells are burned. The Ultra Klean Detox Drink prevents the body from burning fat cells for up to 5 hours so the toxins are never released. The Ultra Klean Detox Drink works on all toxins and is undetectable.
Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug test. Our synthetic urine is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass a drug test. Our synthetic urine kit comes with a heating pad to maintain the "body temperature" of your sample, and also includes a temperature gage on the bottle.
Detoxifying Capsules flush all unwanted toxins in under 3 hours. They have extended effectiveness for up to 5 hours. Contains vitamin B-complex and Creatine Monohydrate. The product is made with safe, all-natural, herbal ingredients. Much more convenient than teas with absolutely no preparation needed. This product will save you in a pinch.
Why drink those teas, powders, and drinks when you can literally chew your problems away? The Stuff Chewable is a revolutionary new detoxification product which eliminates the problem of guzzling down liquid drinks and mixes by offering a delicious fruit flavored chewable tablet. The Stuff Chewable is the easiest, most convenient product on the market. It works in 40 minutes, is effective for up to 5 hours, comes with a money back guarantee and has a dissatisfaction rate of less than 1%.
Power Flush Detox Tea was created by a group of detox industry experts with decades of experience. This tea has a success rate of over 99%. Power Flush Detox Tea is made from the most effective herbs, historically proven to remove toxins from the body. Our herbs are of such impeccable quality and cleanliness that they have been certified ?Kosher & Parve?. You will not find a more effective cleansing tea anywhere at any price.
7-Day Permanent Cleanser was designed for those who want to cleanse their blood, urine, hair and saliva. This product will cleanse your system in only 7 days! The detox program includes a healthy, toxin-free diet, daily permanent cleansing capsules and proper water intake. This product is NOT a mask! It safely removes harmful toxins from your body, leaving you clean, healthy, toxin-free, and most importantly, feeling good.
Pretox Capsules are recommended as a daily supplement. Use as a preparation to pass your drug test and daily detox maintenance. Each bottle contains 30 tablets, a 1-month supply. Pretox Capsules are the indispensable helper that assists with the detoxifying process and helps to clean your urinary system prior to a urine test. These capsules are designed to be used in conjunction with Ultra Klean Detox Drinks, The Stuff Chewable, or Quick Flush Caps to aid in detoxification and should not be used alone to pass a test.
1 Hour Softgel is the latest drug testing solution scientifically designed for scheduled urinalysis drug testing -- a high impact, lightweight detox product that is perfect for on the go full body detox.
Single Panel Drug Test Do you have a piss test or urinalysis coming up? The Single Urine Test is for clients who want a one-step, rapid immunoassay test for drugs. Simple one-step tests accurately detect drug metabolites! Reliable results within minutes.
NEW! Test yourself with our 6-Panel Urine Drug Test!

You asked for an easy, affordable "upgrade" to the popular single panel and 5-panel marijuana THC home drug test kits, and delivered! The 6-Panel Drug Test Kit is a great product for detecting marijuana and five other drug metabolites -- cocaine, methamphetamine / amphetamines, opiates, and benzodiazepine.

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