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Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

A fast way to determine the presence of alcohol

Never get DUI - Test Yourself!

Beat an alcohol test by using our Alco-screen alcohol test. The Alco-Screen alcohol test strips accurately and efficiently determine presence of alcohol by using a saliva sample. Furthermore, these alcohol test strips can also deduce an approximate quantitative measurement of the blood-alcohol concentration from the saliva. 

The Alco-Screen alcohol test strips are simple and easy to use and help you to quickly test yourself and determine results before taking an actual alcohol drug test. These alcohol test strips are also a great way of doing simple and effective drug and alcohol testing in the workplace or at parties to make sure that the drinks are not spiked.

The alcohol test strips come with simple instructions on the packaging, and are the best way of testing your self for the presence of alcohol before taking an alcohol drug test. 


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